Violations cited by the ADWR against the Austin's watershed restoration projects:

A.R.S. 45-112 (diverted, stored or used) illegal storage of water that would have flowed to Leslie Canyon Creek

A.R.S. 45-141 (beneficial use)

A.R.S. 45-151 (beneficial use includes wildlife-but not flood or erosion control)

A.R.S. 45-1201 (1) Dam jurisdiction

A.A.C. R12-15-1203 Dam jurisdiction

Dam Violations:

Gate Tank: 22.8 ft high, storage capacity 123 acre feet

Crow Tank: 38.5 high, storage capacity 15 acre feet

Note: November 4, 2004 inspection-no water in either tank.

See records of U.S. Fish and Wildlife and other records and maps regarding ADWR vs. Austins