Avis Acres development area has been impacted by increased flood waters

Latest News Oct. 29, 2009:
P & Z Commission hearing
on development in the flood zone at Avis Acres

Avis Acres map

Much of the water comes from Sycamore Wash south of Sahuarita Rd. Platted and unplatted development has lessened the capacity of the wash to handle the stormwater, so there has been flooding in Avis Acres for the past 5 years--and it's increasing each year. Below is the platting documents for Sycamore Canyon Estates—approved even though as shown on the above map, it is at the convergence of 3 washes, including the major Sycamore Canyon wash.

Sycamore Canyon Estates at corner of Kolb and Sahuarita Rd.
No drainage plan available.


Records from Sheriff's Dept for one month of road closures on Sahuarita Rd.

Backing up of water at Noyes and Wilmont Rds.

Damage on Noyes Rd. due to excess, rapidly moving water
being turned back

Area at Noyes Rd. where water should cross Wilmont --
Note barrier created by Transportation Dept. across wash

Ditch formed because water can't cross the road

Additional water delivers across landscape to Wilmont
See above and two photos below

The Country Transportation Dept. has piled up gravel/dirt at two washes along west side Wilmont Rd., forcing more water down Wilmont Rd to Noyes Rd

Headcut where excess water has started new wash since two old ones were
blocked off and wash at Noyes Rd. partially blocked off.

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