Country Club Rd. area

Every time there is a significant summer rain one section sure to be closed on Sahuarita Rd. is from the Delgado Wash to Power Line Road. There are two issues. First, there is more water being delivered to the region from Power Line Road, which might be receiving some excess water from the Dawson Rd. region and the new developments from the south and east. The water flows to Power Line Rd., which used to be a flat sandy road without ruts. Now it becomes a river from washes flowing from the southeast with deep ruts.

This highlights the second issue. When Sahuarita Rd. was put through to I-19, there were deep ditches along the dirt road. Those ditches are now silted up in most of this stretch. There is no culvert at all where Power Line Rd. hits Sahuarita Rd. Further, the culverts west of Country Club Rd. are clogged, so that water backs up to private property. The existing small wash to handle the flow from Power Line Rd. across Country Club Rd. to Sahuarita Rd. had clogged culverts under Country Club Rd., thus causing more water to back up. They were cleaned out this past year after a resident called Flood Control a dozen times and finally threatened a law suit. The cleaning relieved the local problem somewhat, but created more probems on other property and probably on Sahuarita Rd. In any event, after the heavy rains of 2008, the culvert is already silting up.

Power Line Road reality

Power Line Rd. at Sahuarita Rd. looking south. There is no culvert to receive flow,
so water backs up onto private property

Ditch to the east of Power Line Rd. four days after rain.

Ditch to the west of Power Line Rd. is filled in.

Devastation of Sahuarita Rd at Power Line Rd. toward Country Club Rd.

Flood Control Pima County style—keep the "road closed" sign ready!

Culverts under Country Club Rd. and ditch at Sahuarita Rd. with one-third its original capacity.

One half of culvert under Sahaurita Road west of Country Club Rd. has over-grown.

Wash is clogged by fence in several places.

Sheet flooding has moonscaped this property,
from overflow from wash and road.

Culvert across Country Club Rd. that was cleaned out last year--delivers to the above culvert
via private property.

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