Dawson Rd. —Irving Rd. — Alvernon Region

The origins of the additional water in the Dawson, Columbus, Irving Rd. area is more difficult to discern. The State Trust Land in the region is solid sheet flooding. Why the change? The development on Wilmont Rd. area is probably a contibuting factor. If you drive up Wilmont Rd. south of Sahurita Rd., there has been a wash created on the State Trust Land to the west at every driveway AND road way. The sheeting effect over to Avernon and up to Sahuarita Rd. must be tremendous, judging from the washouts on Alvernon Rd. and the intersection at Alvernon and Sahuarita Rd. is one of the worse flood zones.

See maps of the region

Wash along Dawson Rd. has been growing between Country Club Rd. and Palo Verde

Wash from south turns into wash/ditch that runs along south-side of Dawson Rd.
(one-block east of Palo Verde)

The County piles up dirt along roads and washes, which adds to the silting up of the washes,
so they can handle less water

The dirt washed out at the wash area with the first rain.

This ditch at the east end of Dawson used to be deep and enough enough to hold a pickup truck—
(first-hand experience report)

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