To Pima County Development Services
      Oct. 29, 2009

In the Planning and Zoning hearing held on Oct. 28, 2009, in regard to Sahuarita Corners development, when queried by a commissioner in regard to why something was not being done about the augmented sheet flooding in Avis Acres, the staff representative said that when the Flood Control Department gets a complaint, they investigate the upstream problems for resolution. This is simply not true. When the Flood Control gets a complaint, they send out a “no action” letter. On the following link, you will find all the complaints filed with Flood Control in the Sahuarita Heights region. Please note that over half the complaints were not followed up. The remaining half got "no action" letters. See complaints.

In the Summit region in an old platted, approved subdivision, the county has rubber-stamped though permits to build walls to protect some property, but stop the flow from leaving others property and the road, and also permitted a storage structure in an area that was designated for flood control. After a number of complaints, Flood Control finally agreed to do something. See letter.

But two years have passed and nothing has been done. Brian Jones told one who filed a complaint if you don’t like the wall, sue your neighbor. Pima County’s recommending such behavior of setting neighbor against neighbor is unacceptable, as is creating a situation where it is necessary to do so.

Therefore, the staff representative misrepresented the facts to the Commissioners. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt—that he did not have correct information. However, now the Development Department has been informed and notified of the reality. I advise that such misrepresentation not be given in public again, especially to officials, by the Development Department.

My comments to Planning and Zoning on development/flooding in Avis Acres region on Oct. 28, 2009.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter,

Nancy Freeman

cc: Planning and Zoning Commission
      John Bernal