Pima County Flood Control Action

To mitigate flooding on the northeast strip of the Sahuarita Highlands property, Pima County Flood Control had the developers raise the ground level one to two feet over some 20 to 30 acres. This concentrated more water over in the wash that was already overflowing although the Flood Control's position is that this diverted water is still heading in the same direction. Did it solve any problem? See photos below.

In fact, the county wash maps show that a new tributary has formed which delivers more water over to the Dawson region.

Map of washes near Sahuarita Highlands to Delgado St.

Photos of area where the ground level was raised to divert water off the Sahuarita Highlands property.
Map of area

View of north end of built-up area—with mushrooms!

View from back of property showing built-up part of area

Washes are already forming in built-up area

Concentrated water will find a path

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