Fact Sheet of resources available as guidelines for AZ legislation connecting
Groundwater and Surface water



1. Ground-Water and Surface Water--A Single Resource, USGS Circular 1139
It is widely used in education of concepts. There are specific references to Arizona cases on pages 28 & 71. Available at http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/circ1139/

2. Water Budgets: Foundations for Effective Water-Resources and Environmental Management , USGS Circular 1308 This is new, and probably will be widely used. In particular, see the section "Water for Humans and Ecosystems: San Pedro River Ecosystem," pages 77-80.
Available at http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/2007/1308/

3. Hydrologic Requirements of and Evapo-transpiration by Riparian Vegetation along the San Pedro River, Arizona, USGS Fact Sheet 2006-3027 This four-page fact sheet is a condensed version of a longer report on water needs for the San Pedro Riparian system.
Available at http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2006/3027/pdf/fs20063027.pdf

4. Limits to Groundwater Development: Toward a Better Understanding
Article in May/June 2007 issue of Southwest Hydrology, This article has a brief discussion of modeling we did on the Colorado Plateau to look at possible effects of pumping on flow in two streams. A more detailed description is given in a USGS report.
Available at http://www.swhydro.arizona.edu/archive/V6_N3/feature2.pdf

5. GROUND-WATER RESOURCES FOR THE FUTURE--Desert Basins of the Southwest,
USGS Fact Sheet 086-00, This four page fact sheet has a discussion of consequences of ground-water development that mentions loss of riparian habitat.
Available at http://az.water.usgs.gov/factsheets/fs-086-00.pdf

U of A Water Resources

The Perils of Groundwater Pumping by Prof. Robert Glennon
A short explanation of the interactions of groundwater pumping and the lowering of surface water levels by the author of “Water Follies”—a thorough examination of the water crises we are creating in all parts of the U. S.

Nancy Freeman
Groundwater Awareness League

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