“Grandfathering” is now the norm in Arizona.

Copper, Cows, Cotton, Alfalfa are receiving unlimited water under "grandfathered" rights.

Grandfathering means—

  "Me first, it's my right."
 "This water is mine because I was here first."
 "I'm going to use all I can before you get your share."
 "I don't have any responsibility to my neighbors or community."
"I can use all the water I want today because I won't be around tomorrow."
"I don't have to worry about polluting public drinking water because there is
       no law against it."
"I will ignore your infractions of the rules because I know you will ignore mine."  

The "Grandfathering Award" of the year goes to George Johnson, an Arizona rancher who polluted three rivers over several  years. Johnson has said his actions are a part of farming activities, which provides exemptions from certain state rules, including water discharge guidelines.
That's grandfathering!

It's time for an era of "Grandmothering" in Arizona—
Grandmothering is

"Let's keep our water clean for the kids."
"Let's think of others."
"It's our duty to preserve the integrity of our natural resources."
"How can we conserve water, so there is enough for everyone?"
"Let's think of the future."
"We want to preserve water so there is ample supply for our grandchildren."
"Those who cannot understand the importance of preserving our natural      resource of water should be fined when they pollute our drinking water."

In Arizona, there's a $500 fine for throwing paper or cans on our freeways—yet anyone can pollute our groundwater with no consequences. Further, agriculture and industry are using large quantities of water with no regard for the future.

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