Summit/Old Nogales Rd. Region

Old Vail Connection Rd.

This intersection of Old Nogales Rd. and Old Vail Connection Rd.,
the site of a swift water rescue in 8 foot of water

Typical lack of maintence of culverts and ditches in region

Ditch down Old Vail Connection Rd. has disappeared

Ditch leading from intersection to Railroad culvert

Old Nogales Rd. and Frazier

Culvert in a sinkhole that has no outlet to deliver water,
so it backs up over Old Nogales Rd.

Drainage ditch near Summit Rd. intersection

When Transportation Dept. cut the cane, the debris was left in place,
covering the one small culvert

These are electrical/phone boxes that were innundated and ruined in 2008
flood waters and had to be replaced