To: County Supervisors and Public Works Dept.

From: Citizens for Flood Management in Pima County

Date: March 10, 2009

We residents and taxpayers in Pima County are concerned at the lack of flood management in this county and the counter-productive actions of the Transportation Department in providing proper flow across roads and proper catchment facilities to handle flood waters. The Flood Control Dept. and the Transportation Dept. remain so completely out of touch that they do not even know where “swift water rescues” have been necessary on Pima County roads! (Documentatation)

The ditches and culverts in the Sahuarita Heights had not been cleaned out in 20 years and the Transportation Dept. (at the request of residents) has started returning the ditches to traditional levels and cleaning the culverts. These will help move the excess flood water that has been increasing annually in spite of the drought—some 2’ to 4’ of sheet flooding over at least 1,000 acres.

However, it has been brought to our attention that no hydrological study or work has been done to calculate what will happen when this excess water rushes downstream south of Sahuarita Road. We request that the County Flood Control District make assessments and make provisions downstream.

It had also been requested that a provision be made to move the water across Wilmont Rd., so that it does not back up onto the properties on Noyes Rd. and Candy Lane. Instead, ditches have been put in along the east side of Wilmont Rd. north of Noyes that will deliver more water to the Noyes-Wilmont intersection, which is already a swirling sea of water and debris during summer rains. Further, the Transportation Dept. has blocked, or partially blocked, the two washes with piles of dirt on the west side of Wilmont Rd; these washes would deliver the water off of Wilmont Rd. The bulldozer drivers don’t seem to realize that blocking washes is against county regulations. (Documentation)

Further, a culvert under Nogales Rd. delivers water to the San Pedro Estates without even one inch of an indention for flood management. The water runs down San Julian Rd. (a county maintained road) and is causing a headcut on the back of properties along the Lee Moore Wash, so that several residents are losing large chunks of their property every monsoon rain. This situation must be addressed immediately. (Documentation)

In addition, the Transportation Dept. has not done any work in the Summit region. The management of the department said it was difficult to know what to do. We demand that the Flood Control Dept. get involved with a plan for the region. There have been many complaints from this region, lots of inspections, and lots of “no action” letters. On one occasion they did promise to do something to help out—but never followed through. What is preventing them to assist with a plan for Transportation Dept and Union Pacific Railroad, which has also committed to help remedy the situation. (Documentation)

We insist that this work be done within 90 days, so that we do not have to suffer further damage to our properties when the summer rains start, and that Pima County taxpayers do not have to pay bulldozers to clean debris off roads, police officers to close roads, and contractors to repair damaged public roads and infrastructure.


Citizens for Flood Management in Pima County

(See attached 64 signatures below)

We, residents and taxpayers of Pima County agree to the attached petition.

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