Sahuarita Highlands

Sometime around 2004, construction began on a new development. The property had changed ownership several times, so it's difficult to ascertain exactly when they started moonscaping the area to make way for new homes. The welcoming sign announces that Canoa Development and H.R. Horton are the current developers.

See filings with Pima County accessor and/or recorder.

See details from Final Plat with change by Flood Control

See results of Flood Control's one action at the development.

Flood control reps say they had Sahuarita Highlands to raise the ground level on the west side by a foot or so. They contend that raising the ground level on 20 to 30 acres won't concentrate the water over to a wash that is already overflowing and won't affect the flow in the region--water will just deliver in the same driection.
In looking at the following photos, please note there is not a single stormwater management facility on the property. Look at the photos and map and see what you think.....

They also said that it had rained more in the past five years--that's the problem. [We have requested data on that supposition.]
They also said that it was Transportation's responsibility.
They also said we can't do anything because of 404 permits.
Well--we can be sure of one thing--there's a whole lot of work going on with the 83 employees we taxpayers are supporting in the flood control dept.

Looking down Country Club Rd. at Dawson south toward the western edge of the new development:

Please note that this area was not included on the Lee Moore wash study.
StanTech rep said that it must have a different drainage....

There are indications at the entrance that there may be flooding issues.

Houses on pedestals indicate there could be an indicator of flooding issues
—and there are others:

Sheet flooding zone on the back (northeast) side of Sahuarita Highlands

More evidence of sheet flooding

Piles of dirt behind one of the sheet flooding zones—what would they be for?

Note that there is not a single stormwater catchment or management facility.

There was a small wash on the westside of the property. It has disappeared.

Well, it's almost disappeared.

The wash starts up again on the west side of the development—moving toward Country Club

There are many indications of sheet flooding on Country Club Rd.—with the usual "Road Closed" sign standing by.

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