Sahuarita Heights

Alvernon Rd. has always flooded, but the water has increased due to the construction on south Wilmont Rd. Development that has been permitted and property taxes are being collected.

Southwest corner of intersection—Close the road and
pay for road crews and police patrol rather than maintain drainage for the roads

View of flow of water toward Sahuarita Rd.

Pima Country turning road into wash by shoring up dirt
(removed from roadway) on the sides of road

Dirt berm that will fill up the small ditch that had been recently dug

The small ditch ends with a pile of dirt with no place to deliver water

Cuts to the desert delivers water over to Country Club Rd. region that already had its own problems [two cuts shown in this photo]

Country Club Rd. (south section)

Low point in Country Club Rd. south of Dawson Rd.
where no facilities for stormwater catchment were installed.

After complaints, Transportation Dept. piled up some dirt in the area.

Water continues to break through to head for private property

Headcut on new wash shows amount/force of flood water

New wash delivers to corner of El Toro and Delgado Rd., washing down Delgado Rd.

Dawson Rd.

Start of Dawson Rd. showing flood debris from the southeast

Looking down Dawson Rd. the day after flooding

Drainage ditch that was put in with road, now 1 to 2 feet deep,
at one time was deep enough to hold a pick-up truck [It was an accident!]

Deterioration of road due to drainage ditch filled up

Transportation piles up dirt along sides of road, awaiting to be washed into the road at the next rain. They bulldozed for three days in this region; at the next rain the flooding was worse on private property —it's job security

Road is cleared pushing dirt berms on side to spread over road at next flood
creating the road to serve as a wash to private property

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