A trip down Sahuarita Road—
A study in rural road mismanagement

Our journey starts at Santa Rita Rd. traveling east on Sahuarita Rd.

Begin with a partially clogged culvert which holds water back


The stagnant water produces plenty of weeds and mosquitoes,
which are never maintained by the owner

Catchment ditch along south side of road has filled from 6 feet to a couple of feet

The ditches have not been cleared in so long trees have grown in the muddy marsh

Where did the 6 foot ditch to catch the water when the road was built disappear?
If it wasn't necessary, why did they put it in when they built the road?

Delgado Road junction creates the usual dike to hold back water
Where is the culvert to keep the water moving?

Culvert near Country Club Rd.

The clogged washes that deliver water to the culverts
also contribute to the backing up of water

This land has not been bulldozed! This is moonscaping (north side of road)
caused by water flooding over above-pictured wash.

Flow me a river in the desert....

Stagnant water due to obstacle of Power Line Rd.

Damage to Sahurarita Rd. at Power Line Rd.

Intersection of Alvernon and Sahuarita Rd.

Undermining of Sahuarita Rd. due to floods

Pima County's solution—close the road again
How much does it cost the taxpayers to send out the road crew and the police cars?

Obstructed culvert

Transportation Dept has been here—leaving evidence of the piles of dirt to clog
the culvert and flow back onto the road at next rain
[Benefit=bulldozer operators' job security]

Unmaintained County Rd. (south of Sahuarita) delivers flood waters to Wilmont Rd.

Intersection at Wilmont

North side of the Sahuarita Rd. was not designed to take the water now flowing
over the road due to permitted development on the south side of the road

Intersection of Kolb and Sahuarita

Water is diverted to ditch along Kolb, which is silted up
and delivering water to non-county roads along Kolb

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