Nogales Highway/San Julian Road Region

San Pedro Estates

See Documentation from County files

The system has let them down—Three foreclosures—and counting—
because people gave up!

Lee Moore wash runs behind subdivision

Front yards are being innundated by sheet flooding from county roads (the builder assigned them to the county), washing away all landscaping

These people are not praying for rain

The water flows down San Julian Rd. between the houses—over the permitted septic tank field—then to Lee Moore wash creating serious head cuts

Lee Moore Wash that runs behind San Matias keeps growing as water from the development rushes to the wash to create perpendicular cuts

Barbed wire fencing shows the old edge of wash; chunks of backyards are being lost to the wash every bad rain from the stormwater off San Julian

Head cut in one backyard

Headcut has readhed county fence at 200' easement line

Standing and flowing water has taken out patio, dog run, swimming pool and lowered septic tank (all lines had to be redug)

View from Lee Moore Wash showing cuts from the backyards to the wash.

—and here's the culprit, everyone knew it was there.
It was shown on maps of the area in the Drainage Plan —

Culvert under Nogales Highway that delivers to San Pedro Estates

Pathway from culvert — not a single drainage facility—not even one inch for drainage

Here's another culprit! — The developer and the County. Still looking for the drainage plan—
flood control does not have a copy

The drainage plan was found! Click here for surprising documentation from it!

Source of this sheet flooding? It comes off Nogales Rd....

Map of region showing north wash that overflows and backs up down Nogales Hwy.

Regional Map that shows washes that deliver into San Julian area

Washes that deliver into Lee Moore wash that runs behind the properties
and delivers water to Tohono Odham Nation lands and Santa Cruz River

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