Resources for information on Stormwater Management:

Floodplain Philosophy . Nature has claimed a prescriptive easement for floods, via its floodplains, that cannot be denied without public and private cost (White 1945). Flooding can result in loss of life, increased threats to public health and safety, damage to public and private property, damage to public infrastructure and utilities, and economic impacts to the residents of the County. In contrast, natural floodplains provide many benefits to the citizens of the County, including natural attenuation of flood peaks, water quality enhancement, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat and movement corridors, and opportunities for recreation.

— From Douglas County, Colorado Stormwater Management websit

Basic stormwater to groundwater basics

Study of Stormwater Retention results in Chandler, AZ

Salisbury, Australia Stormwater Management:

Storage data for reservoirs in California

Stormwater Management in Douglas County, Colorado

Includes Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual

Thornton Transitional Reservoir, Thornton, Ill : Best Projects of 2003 – Project of the Year - Environmental

Southwest Watershed Research: Walnut Gulch, AZ

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