Groundwater pumping and land subsidence

Arizona is second in line—after California

Compaction of soils in some aquifer systems can accompany excessive groundwater pumping and it is by far the single largest cause of subsidence. Excessive pumping of such aquifer systems has resulted in permanent subsidence and related ground failures. In some systems, when large amounts of water are pumped, the subsoil compacts, thus reducing in size and number the open pore spaces in the soil the previously held water. This can result in a permanent reduction in the total storage capacity of the aquifer system.

Avra Valley

East Salt River Valley

Eloy Basin

Gila Bend Area

Harquahala Plain

San Simeon Valley

Stanfield Basin

Tucson Basin

West Salt River Valley

Wilcox Basin

Subsidence reports from USGS:

Aquifer storage change and land subsidence in Tucson Active AMA


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