Water providers, users join hands on CAP effort

By Philip Franchine, Sahuarita Sun

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 9:04 PM MST

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A group of water companies and major water users in the area has begun working on an effort to bring CAP water to the Green Valley/Sahuarita area to recharge the local aquifer.

Calling itself the Upper Santa Cruz Providers and Users Group, it is composed of major providers and users, including mines, farms and golf courses in the Green Valley and Sahuarita area. It hopes to develop broad-based, long-term solutions to the region's water concerns.

The group has named as its facilitator Dennis Skelton, husband of Sahuarita Mayor Lynne Skelton, and a retired Raytheon engineer and community leader.

The long list of participants includes Richard and Nan Walden of Farmer's Investment Co.; Les Gunderson of the Green Valley Domestic Water Improvement District; Harold Metz of the Twin Buttes Properties-Park Corp; the Sahuarita Water Co., which serves Rancho Sahuarita; and the Community Water Company of Green Valley, among others.

The USC/PUG mission statement says it intends “to bring CAP and other renewable water resources to the greater Green Valley/Sahuarita region to meet the long-term demands on the local aquifer supporting growth, lifestyle and the environment.”

In addition to its core group of water providers and users, USC/PUG will seek input and advice from a broad spectrum of government, education and citizens groups.“The group spent a good bit of time drafting its mission statement and didn't want to be exclusive of anyone or any solution, but CAP water seemed to be the big ticket, one that would generate the most bang for the buck. That's the initial target,” Skelton said.

Skelton said an Oct. 2, 2007, Pima County report on the declining water table in the Green Valley area galvanized local interests into creating an organization that will pursue common interests. That report is posted on the county Web site at http://www.pima.gov/ .

“It's the discovery of this urgent common interest, and the kind of resources that this particular group can consolidate” that led to the group's formation, Skelton said.

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