Green Valley Water Usage

Water Use in Green Valley/Sahuarita Area from ADWR files:

RESIDENTIAL includes Community WC, Farmers WC, Las Quintas Serenas WC, Rancho Sahuarita WC, and GV Water Improvement District.  Total residential use is approximately 3600 acre-feet per year.  Note that these water companies also deliver water for non-residential purposes (approx 1000 acre-feet per year combined).

GOLF COURSES include eight golf course facilities in the Green Valley area.  Total golf course use is approximately 3500 acre-feet per year.  All of this is groundwater, with the exception of 244 acre-feet of recovered CAP water used by the Canoa Ranch golf course.


The Sahuarita Town Lake used approximately 164 AF of groundwater in 2002 and 151 AF of water in 2003. This water is used to fill the 9.5 acre lake and to water the surrounding turf and trees. 

FICO (Farmer's Investment Company) use is approximately 22,000 acre-feet per year.

PD SIERRITA and Twin Buttes combined use approximately 23,682 acre-feet per year.  2500 of that is just Twin Buttes.

ASARCO  pumped approximately 4,627 AF of groundwater in 2003. Their ten year average is 11,485 AF/year.


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