E-mail sent to Ray Carroll and Chuck Huckleberry: March 8, 2007

Note: Since they did not reply or answer phone calls, basically same letter was sent to Richard Elias on April 4, 2007

Dear Ray Carroll/
Dear Mr. Huckleberry

Thank you for all you good work. I know you must have battle fatigue after this recent session with Rosemont mine--but let's face it--you guys are the ones who made it happen!!

So to ask you to take on another difficult battle, ie Arizona water law, is a big one. However, the good thing is that I have collected a lot of data and we did have a meeting at U of A last year concerning the Green Valley water situation. As you can see by the list of attendees, there are concerns in the water community, federal, state, county and local.

Some notes from the meeting:

We need three things:
1)  We have to have an overall plan for where we are going to get 31,000 acre feet deficit in Green Valley with only 5,000 af of CAP water allocated (but not delivered). Bureau f Reclamation has said they can do this planning for us, but it is a long process and needs a lot of public outcry to the Feds to get money for a grant.

2) We have to have the support of the Board to curtail further building permits in Green Valley, probably Sahuarita. The water agency won't do it. They are determined to pump down to 1,000 feet--then figure out what we can do.... sorry, it will be too late then!

3) We have to have a scientific hydrological study of the aquifer here to find out how much more we can pump before there is serious subsidance. There are already reports of walls and foundations cracking in homes. I think this would be included in the BOR study.

I would like to give a presentation to the Board--and I think I can get some surprise witnesses who have given up on the state level. There are two things in our favor. Napalitano is saying that there needs to be more local control of water. Second, Payson has stepped forward and taken responsibility for their definition of "safe yield." I talked to several water people there and they said, the State legislation does not give us the authority, yet there is no where it says that we can't take the authority. Interesting concept.

Here is a link to my latest story in Green Valley News--it says it all.

Hearing notes which may have some attachments that will interest you:

Written comments to the Committe on Natural Resources:

Nancy Freeman, Executive Director
Groundwater Awareness League
P. O. Box 934
Green Valley, AZ 85622

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